Dublin Road, Drogheda, Ireland

Karl Anthony Curtis Adv. Hip. MIHA ICHI is a Professional Hypnotist with a vast wealth of experience in the field of Hypnosis. Karl has completed thousands of successful Hypnosis sessions with incredible results. Karl has a full time practice in the Drogheda Medical Clinic working alongside Dr Oliver Lynn and his team.

Karl is also the Senior Trainer and examiner for Clinical Hypnosis Ltd, which is the largest training organisation in Ireland to date. With an incredible passion for Hypnosis Karl also performs Stage Shows for Charity and fundraisers. With the approach Karl uses, people are genuinely hypnotised at deep trance levels for successful changes and results. The approach Karl specialises in, allows the client to experience real hypnosis.

The client will know that they are hypnotised and because they actually know that they are hypnotised they can enjoy the session and change they attend for. Karl has also developed techniques that have improved the power and speed of change for the client with ease. Karl is friendly, confident and extremely professional with each and every client that attends his clinic. Please view the client testimonials and hear what they have to say about their experience. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Karl and we would be happy to help you arrange an appointment with Karl as soon as you decide to attend.